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Agreement Terms and Conditions

NEXGEN College Scouting and Recruiting Company (a wholly owned division of Revolution Athletics, LLC, or the "Company") and the undersigned (by electronic signature acknowledgement) parent and/or legal guardian (collectively the "Client") agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Company Description. NEXGEN is a provider of college recruiting solutions for student-athletes.

2. Services. NEXEN offers personal recruiting solutions designed to enhance the student-athlete's individual collegiate opportunities. NEXGEN agrees to maintain a file on the student-athlete for the purpose of providing information to various institutions. NEXGEN agrees to distribute the student-athlete information to colleges and universities for which the student meets minimum athletic and academic requirements. NEXGEN does not intend, nor is their correspondence with colleges and universities an attempt, to place a student-athlete with any particular school.

3. Selection Process. Both parties agree that NEXGEN will make the final determination on the clients accepted for services. NEXGEN reserves the right not to accept a student-athlete who, in our opinion, does not have a reasonable chance to benefit from our service(s), or whom we otherwise cannot accept as a client. The determination of colleges and universities to which the student-athlete's information is sent by NEXGEN rests solely with the discretion of NEXGEN, however the opinions of parents, coaches and/or qualified personnel may be taken into consideration when distributing information to colleges and universities.

4. Disclaimer. NEXGEN does not guarantee or promise that a Client will receive a scholarship or grant. The services provided are designed to enhance the student-athlete's recruiting experience. The Client does not legally hold NEXGEN responsible for the decision on any scholarship(s) or grant(s) offered, since the decision rests solely with the institutions to which the student-athlete is introduced.

5. Client Obligations. The Client agrees to cooperate with NEXGEN in preparing all information for distribution to colleges and universities and specifically authorizes such distribution. The Client agrees to follow any recruiting guidelines provided. The Client agrees to (a) submit updated and verified information on academic activities, including but not limited to, unofficial transcripts; (b) respond to all colleges and universities that contact the Client,, and (c) advise NEXGEN immediately upon acceptance of a grant or scholarship offer. It is the Clients responsibility to communicate with the Company throughout the recruiting process. NEXGEN cannot be held legally responsible to continue service for the Client, should the Client elect to not fulfill the obligations listed and required by this Agreement. It is the understanding of both parties that NEXGEN may use the student-athlete's name, photograph and/or video representation in any promotional material and/or for media purposes.

6. Clients Right to Cancel. The Client may cancel the service ONLY by submitting via email or mail a written notice to NEXGEN before midnight of the third day after NEXGEN receives payment from the Client. Phone calls and/or voicemails are NOT recognized as acceptable means of cancellation. Under no circumstance is the investment refundable after three (3) days but the Client may stop the service at any time.

7. Fee Structure. The Client acknowledges that the fees associated with this Agreement have been provided, and the Client here acknowledges that such fees are integrated into this agreement, and by affixing an electronic acknowledgement to this document, agrees to adhere to the payment of such fee(s) as presented by NEXGEN to the Client. Failure to adhere to payment of Client fee(s) will result in the rendering of this Agreement as void and will subject the Client to any relief sought by the Company.

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgement/Acceptance

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