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Helping student athletes achieve their dreams….


We recognize that each of our student-athletes and their families have unique goals, athletic abilities and academic interests. Our program is designed to meet these unique needs.


We offer an individualized and customized strategy focused on the student-athlete and their family.


Throughout the process, we provide guidance, analysis, strategy development and exposure while utilizing our national network of collegiate relationships to offer our athletes and families a distinct competitive advantage.

Put simply, whether it is reaching out and directly contacting a college coach for your son or daughter or scheduling event attendance for our student-athletes our goal is to maximize exposure and leverage every opportunity we can to ensure that there is little wasted time or expense in the recruiting process.

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Strategic Approach

While it is difficult to precisely detail each and every thing we do for our student-athletes and families — because the college athletic recruiting process is not an exact science — NexGen attempts to cover all aspects of the process. We are coaches and parents who understand what our student-athletes and parents need and we have identified and provide services for high priority needs. A brief description follows below:

  • Develop and provide Student-Athlete Profile.

  • Provide each student-athlete and family with Recruiting Resource Manual.

  • Schedule college exposure camps.

  • Schedule college game day recruiting visits.

  • Schedule unofficial campus visits.

  • Schedule official campus visits.

  • Evaluate roster and scholarship offers.

  • Develop best fit academic and athletic opportunities.

  • Develop core exposure and contact strategy.

  • Evaluation of academic history.

  • NCAA academic compliance evaluation and tracking.

  • Assist with NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Center registration.

  • Assessment of student-athlete and family athletic and academic preferences.​

  • Provide resources to assist in college application process.

  • Provide ongoing consultation.

  • Ongoing direct contact with college coaches and recruiting coordinators.

College Exposure Camps & Game Day Recruiting Visits

Whether we have scheduled your son or daughter for a college exposure camp, game day recruiting visit, or an unofficial campus visit, we want to ensure that our athletes are going to the event for a specific reason. And that reason is very simple. They are going to the event to be evaluated by a college coach or gain exposure with the program. Too many athletes show up to an event or a college exposure camp with the hope of being ‘discovered’. We know one thing — if the college program has no idea who you are when you show up, the hopes of being discovered are virtually non-existent.

Campus Visits

If our athletes are going on a campus visit we want to make sure of the simple things, like: Does that school offer the intended major? Does the athlete meet the minimum admissions requirements? These all sound like simple things, but we are firm believers in not wasting the student-athletes’, parents’, or college coaches’ time and resources.


On the academic side we are equally as focused. When we begin working with a student-athlete and throughout the recruiting process we perform an NCAA eligibility and compliance analysis. We want to ensure that our athletes are positioned correctly to meet the multiple eligibility standards required by the NCAA or NAIA to participate at the collegiate level. We want to make sure our athletes meet the core course requirements — and if they don’t, get them on track to do so. We ensure that our athletes are registered with the NCAA and/or NAIA Eligibility Centers — a requirement for all athletes who want to play a college sport.

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