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Nationally Recognized. Nationally Respected.

The process of competing for a chance to play at the collegiate level requires hard work on and off the field. It has become an extremely competitive and complex process. Simply hoping the phone will ring is not realistic. You must be pro-active, diligent and most importantly, you must understand all of the hurdles you will need to jump just to get your name in front of a college recruiter. Our function is simple — to assist our student-athletes on their journey to the next level.

Get started on your journey to the next level.
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For us, it is all about the “best fit” opportunity:

  • Assess the athlete’s athletic and academic abilities and interests

  • Understand the priorities of the athlete and family

  • Consider geographic locations

  • Consider fields of study

  • Strive to turn dreams into reality

  • Make the right contacts

… no magic… no cookie-cutter approach… personal… hands-on… It is…  THE NEXGEN WAY

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