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NexGen was formed by high school coaches, college coaches, but mostly by parents who were growing concerned with the deplorable direction typical college recruiting ‘services’ were taking.

Most recruiting services take your fees, spend no time getting to know your student athlete’s actual skills or desires, and rely on blindly sending out emails to every coach and school in the country – which typically wind up in the trash. You may get a few letters in the mail, or some random robot-replies to emails, but after that you and your family will do most of the work trying to contact college coaches, all on your own.

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What you get from NexGen is personalized service. Why? Because we get it. What we believe is most important is that NexGen is heavily made up of parents who have had sons or daughters who have gone through the recruiting process and understand the twists and turns, trials and tribulations facing the student-athlete and their family as they try to navigate the complexity of college athletic recruiting.

We also understand that money doesn’t grow on trees and the path forward is not always so simple. We understand that athletes and parents have very little idea regarding the first step much less what to expect. We get that the entire process can be a bit intimidating and we’re here to help.

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The college athletic recruiting process is often paved with a great deal of uncertainty, confusion and complexity. Executing a recruiting plan which ensures that the student-athletegains the maximum degree of exposure possible is essential to earning an opportunity to participate in your sport at the collegiate level.


The construction of an effective and well developedstrategy is an important first step in the recruiting process. Simply hoping that a college recruiter will notice you, or just sending your highlights out to coaches on your own without prior contact with them is often unproductive and a waste of valuable time and  resources. It is important to understand that collegiate coaching staffs quite literally receive thousands of unsolicited highlights from student-athletes every year. Equally ineffective is attending a college camp with the hope that you will be discovered. If you are not on a specific watch list with the host college staff, or have not had prior contact with them, you are unlikely to receive a high level of attention from them. As you can imagine, with many camps attended by hundreds of student-athletes, college coaching staffs simply do not have time during the camp to closely watch every athlete.


The bottom line? It is important that you have a strategy that gets you in front of college coaches that both know who you are and are interested in you as a student-athlete