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Intercollegiate Eligibility

Four year colleges and universities elect to become member institutions of either the NCAA or NAIA. The NCAA and NAIA are the primary organizations responsible for determining academic eligibility and amateur status for all athletes who wish to participate in intercollegiate sports. 

The academic eligibility requirements to participate at NCAA Division I,II, and III levels, as well as NAIA institutions, are guided by specific guidelines. It is important that prospective intercollegiate student-athletes and their families fully understand the specific academic and amateur status guidelines as outlined by the NCAA and NAIA.

Prospective NCAA Division I and II, as well as NAIA intercollegiate student-athletes must register with either the NCAA or NAIA (based upon the organization affiliation of the college or university). Registration will begin the process of allowing the NCAA and NAIA to determine the academic and amateur status eligibility of a prospective intercollegiate athlete.


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